Wonderful Wedding Gifts from Peck & Chisel

Wonderful Wedding Gifts from Peck & Chisel

Perhaps it’s just us here at Peck & Chisel, but there seems to be a new engagement announcement every other day at the moment. Love is in the air and invites are in the post. As we gradually begin to leave winter behind us, it looks like we’re set for a season full of sensational spring and summer weddings.


If you’ve found yourself in the same love-boat as us, you may be beginning to panic about potential wedding gifts. What gift can I give them that is a little different and stands out from the rest? How can I make it extra special? What can they actually use? While more and more people are sending out wedding gift lists, here at Peck & Chisel we are true believers in personal, thoughtful and unique gifts and it’s our aim to deliver the goods for you.


We think that our products make for the perfect wedding day gift, as they can be personalised with the wedding date or engagement anniversary making them a beautiful memorial of their special day. We could also inscribe the happy couples names, a cutesy ‘Mr & Mrs’ or their newly shared surname.


Why not consider one of our lovingly handmade boards as a gift? Our beautiful and tactile ‘dippy and groovy’ personalised solid oak chopping boards are carefully crafted and our designer-makers can transform them into a truly unique gift, using our beautifully restored vintage machinery. Not only are they a stunning piece of artwork, ready take pride position in the newly-weds kitchen, but also practical and sure to be used for years. Alternatively, you could give them one of our fun ‘Gin o’clock’ drinks boards, in preparation for when the honeymoon period comes to an end! An extra thoughtful gift idea would be to fill one of our Oak and Cork notice boards with special memories of the bride and groom, headed with a personalised engraving.


We have loads of gift ideas here at Peck & Chisel for those who wish to go above and beyond with their wedding gifts. If you have any queries about any of our products and personalisation options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.