How to care for your board

How to Care for Your Boards

Handmade Peck & Chisel boards are lovingly manufactured from more than one piece of sustainable premium grade European Oak or premium grade American Walnut. These boards will take on their own individual personality as time evolves. If you care for them in a loving way, they will be with you for a very long time.

After our Designer/Maker handmade your product, it was coated with two layers of premium food grade mineral oil. We have included some of this oil in your package. You can purchase this from any good kitchenware store and is often referred to as Butchers Block Oil or Chopping Board Oil. You can also purchase this from our website. Please do not use other oils as they have a tendency to change the nature of the board over time. Vegetable oil, olive oil and other food oils can sometimes make the board smell rancid.

Applying this oil on a regular basis will increase it’s water resistance, stain absorption and prolong it’s life. Ease of cleaning will be much improved. As a rule, apply the oil more regularly when the board is new – everyday if you have time…. But definitely 4 times in the first week. Your board will reap its rewards.

Applying the Oil

Pour a large coin sized amount onto the centre of the board and massage back and front with a clean cloth or kitchen towel. After a little while, buff and remove any residue.

When washing after use, you can give it a good clean with soap and hot water.

Do not immerse in water.

Do not leave it near your AGA. Although we know you love them both equally, they will not love each other and the board will warp!

Keep out of the sun.

If you have used it for food with very strong colours or smells, use some salt to remove this before washing with soap and water.
Avoid leaving strong flavoured foods or damp foods on the board over night. It will change the colour of this beautiful wood and retain the smell of the food.

To help maintain its long life, occasionally rub with sandpaper and reapply food grade mineral oil or butchers block oil.

Do not hesitate to call if you have any further queries.