Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day

The months of February and March provide us all with the opportunity to let someone we love know that we care. With time flying by fast it’ll soon be Valentine’s Day and then Mother’s Day before you know it. We understand that, as much as you love someone, it can be easy to forget about these special days and end up in a last-minute panic, pulling the wool over your partner’s eyes with breakfast .

Beautifully hand-crafted bike racks from Peck & Chisel

Here at Peck & Chisel we know that storage is one of the main issues for homeowners today, with people always on the look out for practical storage solutions to keep things looking tip top and tidy. However, we also believe that storage doesn’t have to be sterile. We think it’s time to buck the minimalist trend of hiding away your belongings and instead show off the objects that make your home personal to .